Grievance Redress System for Department of Roads

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All the activities of the DOR have stakeholders of various types like people as road users, policy makers, donors, local government agencies, contractors, suppliers, public oversight agencies, etc. The road-related functions obviously require strict compliance with the demands of development management and the basic values of good governance by planning, executing and monitoring development activities in transparent, responsive and accountable manners and ensuring effective delivery of public services and satisfaction of all stakeholders.

DoR has been undertaking various reform measures as part of its institutional strengthening to ensure its performance effectiveness and attainment of organizational goals. DOR is also committed to support the state mechanism in establishing good governance in the country to make people feel their rights being entertained. With this concern, the Department wishes to make its existing GRM a more versatile and accessible to people to lodge their DOR related grievances and make them known about the end decisions regarding the redressal to their grievances.

Thus, We believe this ICT based grievance redress system for Department of Roads will play an important role for redressing grievances in efficient and effective ways by ensuring all stakeholders’ easy access to mechanism, simplifying the processes of receiving, reviewing and redressing grievances with provisions for tracking the status of actions taken for their redress and reporting them on a regular basis.